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The HeyFave membership program is the dedicated platform we’ve developed to help promote Turlock’s small businesses, non-profit organizations and event venues. Our work with non-profits is especially meaningful. Both Hilary’s and my work around town has taught us that non-profit directors are busy! Often doing the jobs of five people, they fill the shoes of administrator, bookkeeper, marketer, tour guide, fundraiser, volunteer coordinator, and facilitator, just to name a few. In fact, often times the directors’ first passion has to take a back seat to the nuts and bolts of business so that they can keep their organizations going.

Ask Lisa McDermott, the Director at the Carnegie Arts Center, what she’s trained, educated and passionate about? It’s all things art – art history, art education, art appreciation. Her favorite part of her job? It’s what she’s an expert in – curating and hanging world-class art exhibits. But art is only one facet of her job.

Same goes for Erin Nelson of Jessica’s House. Erin wears nine million hats as well. She’s a leader, she’s a spokesperson, she’s a volunteer coordinator, she’s a fundraiser, she’s a marketer – but what is her true passion and professional calling? She’s a grief support facilitator for grieving families.

DSC_7071Now enter HeyTurlock! We’re here to help! Our goal is to help cast a wider net for non-profits when it comes to event promotion and to help alleviate some of their content-generation burdens on social media, their websites, and their newsletters. Not only are we looking to help non-profits communicate their messaging, but we’re ultimately looking to assuage donor fatigue and share the word about amazing events.

If you are part of a non-profit that could benefit from a little bit of digital marketing awareness and support please email [email protected].


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