HeyTurlock’s Top 10 List

HeyTurlock’s Top 10 List

It’s been just over 2 months since we launched HeyTurlock to the public and 6 months since we started on this crazy quest to get HeyTurlock up and running. No joke, it felt like birthing a baby…and then we had to stay up all night with it to keep it fed and happy!

With that said, we decided to create our TOP 10 THINGS HAVE WE LEARNED from launching HeyTurlock!

  1. People in Turlock are eager and clamoring for information and there is SO much more going on that we ever even imagined.
  2. Sports, sports, sports. We Turlocker’s really do love our sports!
  3. People love food-related events. For example, Apple Fest at the Seventh Day Adventist Church remains our most clicked-on event!
  4. Our HeyFave members are driven leaders who are doing big & small & amazing things with their businesses and non-profits everyday.
  5. We have a super dynamic church community with special events constantly happening.
  6. Turlock Moms are always looking for things to do with their kiddos.
  7. We need more Santa around town! And if you schedule Santa for your event, it will surely sell out.
  8. OMG — VFW Hamburgers are available year-round!!
  9. Stan State Athletes are phenomenal go-getters who are making big strides in their leagues – and there are FREE kid-zones at games!?!
  10. Our non-profit community changes lives everyday, something we already knew, but now we have more readily available info.

Now, I guess since this is our New Years blog we need to write about our resolutions and commitments, too. We hereby vow:

  • To keep scouring the community and encouraging people to upload events!
  • To encourage Hilmar, Denair and Stevinson to participate in HeyTurlock!
  • To keep our pedal to the metal turning out tons of social media, blog posts and newsletters.

That said, let’s get to it! Happy New Year to our loves of Turlock. Thank you for supporting, clicking, sharing, retweeting, regramming and chatting HeyTurlock up. Please keep it coming.

We really, really do love you!

Hilary and Ali, co-founders

(and Max, Hannah, Victoria and Kristin!)