Tam-Tam Talent Show & Fundraiser

Hey Turlockians!

We want to remind all of you that a fabulous event is happening right here in Turlock on the evening of Saturday, January 27th, 2018…  It’s the Turlock Community Theatre Tam-Tam Talent Show Competition and Fundraiser!

The folks behind-the-scenes have been working their patooties off over these past few months to make this fundraiser competition extremely entertaining for all of YOU!  Auditions were held back in October and the talent came out in FULL.FORCE.  There is a great lineup of vocalists, musicians, dancers, comedians and variety acts galore that are sure to excite and amaze you.

This special fundraiser, in support of our local nonprofit Turlock Community Theatre, was created by combining the ideas of several different game shows into one.

There will be a vibrant Hostess-with-the-Mostess (Jackie Cotta); A gifted and sassy panel of judges (Amber Traini, Supervisor Vito Chiesa, and the oh-so-wonderful Angela Cotta); A most extraordinary lineup of talented competitors (listed at the bottom); AND a big old Tam-Tam (also known as a Gong) in close proximity to the judges, just in case they feel an urge to “Tam-Tam” any of the acts.

It’s a great way to showcase our local talent while also raising a few coins for the Theatre!

Here’s the lowdown on how the competition will work:

If an act makes it through without being Wham-Bammed & Tam-Tammed, the judges will give them a quick critique and score, and the act will then be automatically eligible for YOUR VOTES during intermission. That’s right… The audience (meaning YOU!) will play an integral part of the evening’s festivities by voting for their favorite acts.

Since this is a fundraiser, each ticket to vote will cost $5, or you can purchase a pack of five tickets for $20!  You may buy as many tickets as you’d like, and you may cast as many votes as you’d like.  A single ticket can also buy you an entry into any of the raffle prizes for future shows, and even a delicious chocolate chip cookie from none other than Cotta‘s Kitchen!  Booths will be set up during both intermissions so that you can show your love for the Theatre by casting votes, taking your chance at raffle prizes, or munching away on gooey circles-of-love.

Best yet, EVERY PENNY EARNED will be donated to our local non-profit Turlock Community Theatre to ensure many more years of local entertainment for all to enjoy.

So what are you waiting for?!  Pick up that phone right now and call the Turlock Community Theatre (209-668-1169), or visit them online at turlocktheatre.org to purchase tickets for the show.  You may also buy tickets in person at the Turlock Community Theatre Box Office (1574 E. Canal Dr., Turlock), The Greenery Nursery and Garden Shop (742 E. Olive Ave., Turlock), or here at Cotta’s Kitchen (833 E. Main St., Turlock).

The January 27th show begins at 6 PM sharp.  Lobby doors will open at 4:30 PM for additional ticket sales, and seating will begin at 5:30 PM.  Tickets for the show are $20 each, or $15 if you are a student (what a deal!).  And remember, all of the audience members will be able to vote for their favorite acts during each intermission.  So before you leave home, make sure to stuff your pockets and purses full of Lincoln’s, Jackson’s, Washington’s, and if you’re feeling extra generous and giddy, even some Benjamin Franklin‘s… The performers will be tickled and so will the Turlock Community Theatre!

The show is suitable for all ages, so grab your family, friends, and neighbors for an evening of Fun-at-the-Theatre!
Here’s a List of Acts who will be Performing at the January 27th Show:
*Wii The Boys (Shean Perry Salinas Bautista & Brandon Yu) – Dance Troupe
*Leah Grifall – Solo Vocalist
*Karrina Mora – Solo Dance
*Alina Torres & Jordan Burnam – Vocal Duo
*Dance Around the World (Janette Najera, Judith Najera & Emma Munoz) – Dance Troupe
*Elija Marco Villamarin – Solo Vocalist
*Anna Mia Conley – Solo Vocalist / Instrumentalist
*Toledo (Jacob Kubik, Alex Martinez & Nathan Martinez) – Band
*Lost and Found (Elizabeth Davies, Nathaniel Davis & Luis Isiordia) – Dance Troupe
*Gaby Nazareno – Solo Vocalist / Instrumentalist
*Kyle Elder – Magician
*Olivia Gonzalez – Solo Vocalist
*Thunderstruck Pipes & Drums (Gary Speed, Brett Speed, Colin Speed & Malachi Johannsen) – Band
*Makenna Boutelle – Solo Vocalist
*Emily Zizzo & Sara Zizzo – Dance Troupe
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