Big Little Biz: DIGS and D2

You’ve shopped their stores and they’re the most stylish twins in Turlock…Our next Big Little Biz feature is Debra and Diane – the owners of DIGS and D2! Check out our interview with them for an inside look into their lives as sisters, business partners, and style experts!

What made you both decide to start a business together?

Debra: We work well together, and I think there’s a trust factor. We are a lot alike in many ways. We thought there was a necessity for the store and that it would be a fun undertaking.

Diane: We like the same things, and our styles are similar.

Do you find that there is an advantage working as sisters?

Diane: Our schedules are able to be more flexible. When Debra can’t be at the store, I can be at the store and we work around each other’s schedules.

Debra: Being able to work with flexible schedules makes a big difference. Diane knows what I’m doing on a day-to-day basis, and I pretty much know what she’s doing on a day-to-day basis. We have each other’s backs in a sense. If I can’t think of something, she will and vice versa. Diane is also well organized and good at bookkeeping. We are similar, yet different enough to balance each other’s personalities.

Where did the inspiration for Digs and D2 come from?

Debra: DIGS started almost 7 years ago and the inspiration was finding unique, vintage and antique items. For D2, we had the opportunity to open another store, and we wanted D2 to have a more edgy look compared to DIGS. D2 also allows Diane and I to visit markets and purchase unique items together, and we work well in that way too. We love to buy local, and also bring things in from all over the world.

Diane: We always wanted to open a store and Debra has a good eye for home decor. For D2, we also needed more room.

What made you decide to open up D2?

Debra: We had looked at the space for D2 before we opened up DIGS and thought it would be a good space, but another business had gotten the space before us so we opened up in the Shopper’s Eden. When this space became available, it was a no brainer.

When you’re not working on new ideas for Digs and D2, what are you guys doing?

Diane: I watch my active 3-year-old grandson. We also like to redo our homes often.

Debra: This [DIGS and D2] is a lot of our lives, and I went from not really wanting to have a day-to-day job, to having a 24/7 job. But it’s what I love and we are always trying to find a new fair to go to. This is pretty much my life! But for relaxation, we love to go to Bistro 234 next-door! We love to go to dinner together.

Why do you think Digs and D2 have been so successful in the Turlock community?

Diane: We’re kind of in the middle of a lot going on downtown, and it’s local.

Debra: We’re in the hub of restaurants and stores, and all the stores are different from each other. We also like to keep things unique and we go out of our way to pick and decide what is going to go into each store. We pick things that we like or love, not just “what’s selling”. It’s never been about that. We try to keep on top of trends, but it still has to be something that we would buy for ourselves. Turlock really lent itself to us, and we are different from everybody else I think. We really appreciate the fact that everyone supports both of these stores and want to say thank you to our really great customers.

What do you like about being part of HeyTurlock?

Debra: HeyTurlock has become the go-to social media for advertising in Turlock. We know that what HeyTurlock does for our two stores will be done fast, efficient, and will be written in an interesting and lyrical way!

DIGS is located at 310 E. Main Street and is open Tuesday-Saturday 10:00am-5:00pm.

D2 is located at 228 E. Main Street and is open Tuesday-Saturday 10:00am-5:00pm.

For more information about DIGS and D2, visit or contact [email protected]! You can also follow them on Instagram at @debra_at_digs  and @d2bydigs

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