2019 Back to School Checklist


It’s every parent’s favorite time of the year – the start of the school year – which means Turlockians are looking for the best deals, steals, and extracurriculars for their kiddos. To make everyone’s search easier, we put together our official 2019 Back to School Checklist! Read on for all the best places to shop, helpful resources, and after school activities.


Gymnastics Unlimited

Perfect for kids with lots of energy! Gymnastics Unlimited is the perfect place for your child to learn something new and stay active. They have several professionally trained coaches that can teach your kiddos to tumble, flip, and cartwheel across the floor. Click here to look through their class schedule.

Alegria Ballroom Dance Academy

This dance studio has classes available for all ages and skill levels! Alegria Ballroom Dance Academy has several choreographers that teach a variety of styles, from ballet to hip-hop. Dance is also a great way for children to learn how to express themselves and boost their confidence. Click here to learn more about their children’s classes.


Huntington Learning Center

Everyone needs a good tutor during the new semester, and Huntington is full of  ‘em! They have tutors that specialize in single-subject tutoring, grade based tutoring, ACT and SAT test prep, and more. You can walk in to their office at 2050 E Canal Drive and speak with their friendly staff about what options work best for your child. Click here to learn more about their tutoring services.

Prodigal Sons & Daughters

Prodigal Sons & Daughters has tons of resources available for students in our area! They have after school programs, daily meetings, counseling services, art groups, and so much more. And all of their services are FREE! Seriously, this non-profit is amazing. Click here to view their weekly schedule and learn more.

Turlock PC

Every student deserves to take a fully functioning computer with them to class. Make sure your kiddo’s laptop is ready for all those book reports by running some quick maintenance checks with Turlock PC. They can check for viruses, run diagnostics, and help with any software issues throughout the school year. Call them at (209) 485-1541 with any IT questions you have!

Westside Ministries

If you’re looking for youth groups and kids clubs, Westside Ministries is the place to be! They have tons of opportunities and resources for kids of all ages to enjoy. They have Wild Wednesdays, Teen Club, 4H club, music and dance programs, and more! Click here to view their full list of services and get involved.

Turlock Public Library

The Turlock Public Library is an excellent resource for all students in the community. You can order any book you need for class, study in their spacious building, use their computers to write your thesis, and so much more! Click here to learn more about the library and make your study time more productive.


Farm House

This one is for all the teachers out there. Farm House Exchange has everything you need to make your classroom the coolest in school! They have so many incredible pieces of décor, and they have plenty of treats to reward your students for their good grades. Walk in to their store at 311 E. Main Street to browse and shop.

Glitz Fine Clothing

Need a new ‘fit for the new school year? Glitz is the store for you! They are always on trend, and you are going to love all the options they have for the season. Your teens will feel easy, breezy, and confident when they walk through the schoolyard. Start shopping at 306 E Main Street!

Off Center Thrift & Gift

This thrift store is perfect for shopping on a budget! Off Center only carries items that are stylish and in great condition, so you can shop knowing your child is getting a great outfit for an even better price. You never know what treasures you might find, so make your way over to their store at 410 E Olive Ave.

Sew Stitch’n Cute

Can’t rule the school when you’re having a bad hair day! Sew Stitch’n Cute by Courtney Van Fleet is here to save the day with her handmade scrunchies, key chains, and steering wheel covers. She hand picks all her fabric and makes all her products to order, which we love! This is perfect for any student who wants to add some style to their school day accessories. Click here to direct message Courtney on Instagram.

Village Fresh Market

This local market is the perfect place to stock up on all your snacks and bag lunches! Village Fresh has tons of locally grown and made products that will be the perfect healthy treat for your kids, and their deli has premade entrées available for those days when it’s easier to get lunch on the way to school. Go to 2056 E Canal Drive to get your grocery shopping done!

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