HeyTurlock Under New Ownership!

Dearest HeyFaves,

This is one of the most exciting e-letters I’ve written during my twenty-year marketing career. I am so pleased to share that Turlock native Matt Bill and his awesome wife Jackie have purchased HeyTurlock from Ali Cox & Company, Inc. On New Years Day I woke up with a fresh perspective that it was time for HeyTurlock to take a new twist with new owners. HeyTurlock was started out of necessity by my cousin Hilary Smith Callis and me in October of 2016. We had both relocated back to Turlock and felt out of the loop. It was hard to learn about local events and tough to know how to support local businesses.

We launched HeyTurlock with ten trusting local businesses and have grown to over 80 HeyFave business members. With thousands of followers, lots of HeyTurlock lovers and many businesses that utilize HeyTurlock as their lifeline during this COVID crisis, I’m tremendously proud to hand over the reins to Jackie and Matt. Jackie will be your primary contact for posts, happenings and events.

I will be supporting HeyTurlock from just down the road and cheering each of your local businesses, non-profits and churches on with gusto. HeyTurlock is in wonderful hands and will continue to thrive with its new owners.

Best of luck to Matt and Jackie and #turlockstrong!


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