Tips to Support Local

Our local businesses have been treading water to stay afloat the past few months and although things are slowly opening back up, they still need our support! Retail stores and restaurants had to get creative early during the pandemic with boosting their presence on social media and offering curbside pickup. Now, restaurants who have never had outdoor seating are putting tables on the sidewalk or in the parking lot to try and continue to offer dine-in. Here are some tips on small ways that we can make a big difference to help our local businesses during this time.

  • Pay in cash or check (if applicable) – save businesses 3% in credit card fees!
  • Using curbside pickup or take out will save restaurants 30% instead of using DoorDash, Uber Eats or GrubHub!
  • Purchase gift cards to give as Christmas presents, it’s never too early to start your holiday shopping!
  • If you receive a gift card as a present now, hold off on using it – cash in the door is critical!
  • Reminder, all local businesses are doing whatever it takes to keep their doors open, so the more local you go, the better!

We can get through this together! #supportlocal

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