Big Little Biz: Tower Health & Wellness Center

For this Big Little Biz feature, we spoke to Lorraine Bernaldes, the Director of Marketing of the Tower Health & Wellness Center in Turlock! We are so excited to have them back on board as a HeyFave and tell our community about all the small businesses located inside the Tower!

Can you tell us a bit about the Tower Health & Wellness Center?

The Tower Health & Wellness Center enhances the availability of the highest quality of care for the community of Turlock.

Under our roof of the Tower at 1801 Colorado Avenue here in Turlock, you will find a great team of medical physicians that specialize in many different areas of expertise.

We also rent out the beautiful Atrium (after regular work hours) for Weddings, receptions and parties of all special occasions.

What businesses are located inside of the Tower?

  • Tower Atrium
  • Romeo Medical Clinic
  • Tower Cosmetic Surgery
  • Tower ENT
  • Tower Physical Therapy
  • Tower Sports Medicine
  • Tower Surgery Center
  • Gary Thiele, DDS
  • LabCorp
  • LiveWell Spa
  • OB/GYN Dr. Pazouki
  • The Flowery
  • Tin RX Pharmacy
  • Toscana’s Ristorante
  • Turlock Pulmonary/Ca Sleep Center
  • Work Wellness

What is the most important thing to you working for a business filled with many small businesses?

The most important thing for me about working here is to always be in a learning and research state of mind, because all the businesses have such a different focus, specialty and target market.

One day I’m working on a piece for the Flowery, the Flower Shop and the next I’m working on lunch menus for Toscana’s restaurant, then of course scheduling out social media postings and then on to surgery center website.

Wearing many hats, there is never a time to be bored!  But overall… to feature all the Health and Wellness that we offer from this Tower to the community.  

What do you enjoy about being a part of the Turlock community?   

I enjoy meeting new people and telling them about all the services that are offered here at the Tower. Turlock is a great little town and the community is very friendly.

I find many know about it and think it’s just a medical building…but then they soon realize that it’s so much more!

What do you like about HeyTurlock that drew you to become a HeyFave?

So I’ve known about HeyTurlock for years.  I remember it being a great resource for the local community, when I worked at an agency.

I was excited to find you have taken it over and are passionate about getting information out to the local Turlock, and surrounding areas! Great job!

What would you like to say to our community members about the Tower?

We welcome you to come visit us.  Whether it be, to see your doctor of choice, schedule a massage or facial, have a date night dinner at Toscana’s or send flowers to your loved one after they’ve had surgery in the surgery center.  Check out all of our services at

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