Valley Scholars College Initiative

Valley Scholars College Initiative
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Valley Scholars College Initiative

Valley Scholars College Initiative, also known as VSCI, was founded in Turlock, California in October of 2018, by Julian Aguilar. Aguilar, an equitable education advocate, believed that many high school juniors in the Central Valley community lacked access to proper information regarding college applications and the opportunity to meaningfully engage in the Central Valley’s abundant programs.
Our vision is that one day students in the Central Valley will have equal access to a range of higher education institutions and believe in themselves and their community enough to venture the college admissions process.
Valley Scholars College Initiative currently operates a year-long virtual mentoring program, a workshops program, a scholarships program, and a resource list to facilitate our mission.

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(209) 410-9612
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555 E Main St #2352
Turlock, CA
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