Taylor Tactical Krav Maga & Fitness

Taylor Tactical Krav Maga & Fitness
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Taylor Tactical Krav Maga & Fitness

What does it feel like to WALK IN PEACE? I invite you to another chapter of your life where you will be challenged and pushed to be the better version of yourself. Whether it be weight loss, self defense or sport, you can walk a little taller each day….

When it comes to Taylor Tactical there are no cutting corners. From all the various forms of self defense that I teach (Krav Maga, Women’s Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitzu, and Personal Training), you will quickly realize that this is SELF DEFENSE FOR THE REAL WORLD. So my question to you is this…Do you walk in peace? Are you up for a real challenge? Do you want to learn how defend yourself in any situation you can possibly think of? If you think you can, I challenge you to join!

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(858) 869-3117
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109 South Center St.
Turlock, CA
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