Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of events are allowed on the calendar?

All public events that are legal, ethical, non-discriminatory, and non-defamatory are allowed on the calendar! We want every crab feed, every art opening, every dance recital, every gala, every class your shop hosts, every fun run…you get the idea. In general, events put on by a business should be those that occur outside or in addition to their regular operations unless you are a HeyFave Online Business Directory member. So, a regular 30% off summer sale at a women’s clothing shop should not be on the calendar, but a “Girls Night Out” event with refreshments and special deals should! An Open House for a specific home for sale should not be on the calendar, but a “Meet the Realtors!” happy hour at a local firm should. At-home shopping events we consider to be regular operations for the businesses that hold them and should not be on the HeyTurlock calendar.

Are religious events allowed? Any religion?? How about political events?

Yes, yes, and yes! As stated above, as long as it’s non-discriminatory, non-defamatory, legal, and open to the public, we’re thrilled to have it on the calendar. So, your church’s special Ash Wednesday service? Yes. Its internal, bi-monthly meeting of the Church Technology Committee? No. A “Re-Elect Senator Joe Schmo” fundraiser? Yes. A “Defeat that lying, scheming Senator Jane Doe” party? No thanks.

Do events on the calendar have to be free for everyone?

Nope! Events that require a ticket purchase, either in advance or at the door, are completely fine. Please include info on how to purchase tickets when you upload your event!

Can I upload my company’s internal event?

No, only events that are open to the public (either free or ticketed) are allowed. Private, internal events that are exclusive to a certain company or group of people should stay on your company’s website.

My event isn’t within Turlock city limits – can it still be included on the calendar?

Right now, only events located within the limits of Turlock, Delhi, Denair, Hughson, and Hilmar may be included.

How much does it cost to upload an event?

Nothing! Event uploads are free. And if you’d like us to post on our popular social media accounts about your event, our Social Media Plus option is only $40 per post.

How do I become a HeyFave?

I’m so glad you asked! Check out the details right here.

Do you have any other package deals?

We sure do! And you can check them out here.

Will you upload my event for me if I email it to you?

If you sign up for the White Label or Corporate Partner packages we will! Otherwise, no, we just don’t have the (wo)manpower.

Do you offer special pricing for non-profits?

Yep! We love our local non-profits and we know their budgets can be tight. Our whole price breakdown can be found right here.

How long should I expect to wait for my event to appear on the calendar after uploading it?

Events will be approved and will appear on the calendar within 48 hours of uploading. If we see any information missing during our review, we will contact you as soon as possible to get that information included. Please note that gathering that missing information may add to the time it takes to approve the event, so try to make sure all info is included the first time for speediest approval!

Do you sell tickets to events through the HeyTurlock website?

No, we do not sell tickets. But please do include a link or information about how folks can get tickets to your event when you upload it!

I showed up to an event on the calendar and it had been canceled! Why didn’t you remove it?

Ugh, we are so sorry! Unfortunately, we are not able to follow up on the validity of every single event, but we strive to make sure this does not happen. Event organizers/uploaders who cancel an event and do not remove it from the site will be issued a warning; the second time it happens, they will be banned from uploading any events in the future.